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    There are two basic categories of spiders - ground-dwelling and webbing.

    Ground-Dwelling Spiders
    The main ground-dwelling spiders in Coffs Harbour are funnel webs, wolf spiders, huntsmans and white tails. These spiders predominantly walk in to homes, under laundry doors, across tiled floors and turn up around pool areas hiding under towels. These pests are treated by applying product to surfaces the spiders will come into contact with and areas where they harbor.

    Webbing Spiders
    The spiders you find around your home on a permanent basis are webbing spiders, including redbacks andĀ black house spiders. A redback spider bite can be very painful, sometimes creating lethargy and aching in your joints for months. A black house spider can also have a nasty bite which will make you feel sick with a little vomiting and a touch of diarrhoea. This spider treatment involves a thorough spraying of their webs and harbourage areas. It's important to leave webs in place and brush them down several days after treatment.