• Other Pests And Issues

  • Bee Nest Removal

    Admiral Pest Control - Coffs Harbour have many years experience in bee treatments. The best time to carry out a bee treatment is after dark, when all the bees are back in the nest. There is no preparation required for bee removal.

  • Silverfish Treatment

    Silverfish in Coffs Harbour mainly breed up in your roof void. A good way to minimise silverfish is to make sure your roof is properly treated during a termite or spider treatment.

  • Fly Control

    Fly control can incorporate small bar fly, vinegar fly, fermentation fly and flesh fly. If you have a fly problem at your commercial or domestic premises, give us a call and I can come out and have a talk with you about it.

  • Wasp Treatment

    Wasps can be particularly dangerous and should not be treated by the home owner. Admiral Pest Control - Coffs Harbour can dispatch wasp nests quickly at a very affordable price.

  • Moth Treatment

    The main moths we get in Coffs Harbour are the pantry moth, which as the name suggests lives in kitchen cupboards, in your flour products and bird seeds. We have a control program for these pests. Contact us for details.

  • Odour Control

    Whether it be commercial or domestic pest control, some odours can be quite overpowering. If you suspect you have a dead rat or other repulsive smell, we have an extensive array of odour control methods.