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    In Coffs Harbour the biggest problem ants are some of the species of ants that would commonly be called little black ants. Most of these species are sugar feeders, which will sometimes prefer other products. These ants will commonly infest homes in the warmer months in Coffs Harbour, nesting in rooves and walls. If they get out of control they can cause problems with electricals such as light fittings and power points by filling these areas with their sticky little eggs.

    These ants can be particularly difficult to treat, which is why Admiral Pest Control encourages you to do anything you can to assist in the ant treatment. These steps include trimming branches of trees that rest against the house, eliminating ant access to fresh drinking water and trying to keep surfaces in your kitchen clean and free of sugary rewards such as honey on a butter knife etc.

    Another ant common to the Coffs Harbour area is the coastal brown. As it's name implies it is a small brown ant that favours more savoury foods such as meats and cheeses. This ant can be a dirty little ant, so it's best to not tolerate them in any numbers at all.

    The coastal brown ant is relatively easy to treat with a granular bait, while the black ant will need a different approach. It's recommended that should you get a black ant treatment that the focus should be on this pest, and to not combine treatment with spiders and other pests.